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Tokidoki X Metro PCS X Das Racist X Yogurtland

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Talk about having a moment -- Tokidoki is having a few right now, thanks to their Hello Kitty collab and a new phone with Metro PCS. Last night, Simone Legno and co. threw a party to launch the latter. Depending on who you ask, the highlight might have been all-you-can-eat Yogurtland. Or the photobooth. Perhaps the special performance by Das Racist, the smart-ass Brooklyn hip hop crew you may know for Fashion Party, but you definitely know for Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Their too-brief set was the highlight for us, though we can't speak for the wildly mixed crowd made up of super-young tweens and their chaperons, and business dudes in non-ironically worn polo shorts and Dockers. Unfort., we didn't get the opportunity to learn much about the phone, other than the fact that it looks cool. It will be available for purchase November 18 at a Metro PCS store near you (and online, of course).
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