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Glendale Galleria to Get a Bloomingdale's

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The Glendale Galleria is like a villain from a horror movie: you throw acid in its face, you shoot it to the head, you bury an ax in its neck, and it keeps getting back and coming at you. And when we say "throw acid in its face", we mean having its rival The Americana lure away anchor stores like Nordstrom and Sephora, all of which is enough to be the coup de grace to most malls. Well guess what? The Galleria just announced it's getting a Bloomingale's. In Fall 2013. The mall will also undergo extensive upgrades and renovations between now and then, as well. The new Bloomie's will likely set up shop where Nordstrom is -- no word on when that will be vacated, but the Nordstrom at the Americana is scheduled to open in October of 2013. [Racked Inbox, Glendale New Press]