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WWW's Hillary and Katherine Talk BeachMint, New Beauty Site

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Hillary and Katherine discuss fashion with Sophia Bush
Hillary and Katherine discuss fashion with Sophia Bush

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We dropped by BeachMint's Santa Monica offices this morning to sneak a peek at their Cyber Monday livestream and luckily we were in time to catch the Who What Wear girls, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr, moments after they finished on set. The duo, both surprisingly collected given the two-hour-long livesteam they had just taped, graciously sat down with Racked to answer a few questions.

Racked: How did the partnership with BeachMint come about?
Katherine: It's been a few months now, but it started because we feature Kate Bosworth a lot and we wrote about JewelMint and our readers loved it.
Hillary: From personal experience, we loved the sites and shopped them, so it was a really organic fit. What's great about the BeachMint team is that they're so spontaneous. We stopped by the office last week and they were like, we're doing a Cyber Monday livestream similar to QVC but online—do you guys want to host?
Katherine: At Who What Wear we work with all the girls—Rachel [Bilson], Kate [Bosworth], Mary-Kate and Ashley [Olsen]—so being a part of today was really a natural fit.

Racked: This is like live television. How did you prepare?
Hillary: Well, we got the script like twenty minutes before shooting...
Katherine: So we didn't really have time to get nervous!
Hillary: We're so familiar with the brands and the people involved that we feel really comfortable speaking about them.

Racked: If you were to pick anyone to front another BeachMint site, who would you choose?
Hillary: That's a good questions—probably Alexa Chung. In a dream world, of course. She's got such great style and she really sets handbag trends. Alexa Chung for BagMint.
Katherine: Nicole Richie, if she didn't have her own line.

Racked: What's on the horizon for Who What Wear?
Hillary: We're working on gift guides, which will launch December 5th. We're doing five days of guides for girls (for five different types of girls) and a day for guys.
Katherine: On January 23rd, we're launching Who What Wear Beauty. It'll start off with it's own newsletter and a section on our site, and eventually will be spun off into its own site.

Racked: Because I know everyone will be wondering about this, can you tell us what you're wearing today for the shoot?
Katherine: I'm wearing a Simone leather jacket (it's one of my favorite brands and I must wear a different one every day), an LNA silky top, Jenni Kayne pants and tons of JewelMint jewelry.
Hillary: I'm wearing an Étoile Isabel Marant top, a Dolce & Gabbana skirt and JewelMint jewelry.

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