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Versace for H&M: Shoppers In at Beverly Center!

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This morning, LA shoppers get their first crack at the Versace for H&M collection. Below, Racked LA shopping correspondent Noah Adler is live at the Beverly Center to bring you the latest.

7:06am: Checking in! The first 20 have already been let into the mall.

7:08am: The 21st person is snuggled under a leopard-print blanket and has been waiting since around 8pm last night.

7:10am: The line is about 100 to 150 people right now.

7:13am: "I just hope we get inside soon because I'm freezing!" says a weakling who just got here.

7:15am: The line seems to be moving fairly quickly. They appear to be letting people into the mall 20 at a time every ten minutes. I'm not sure if they're shopping yet or if they're just bringing them in to the mall to give them wristbands.

7:20am: The front of the line is overwhelmingly female, but it's a fairly even split for more recent arrivals. Save for number 21 with her leopard blanket and oversize sunglasses, it's a pretty nondescript crowd.

7:25am: Baby count: at least two. Stroller count: one.

7:28am: I'm hearing lots of anxious conversations about online resellers getting to the good stuff first.

7:30am: Someone is line is going for the Don Draper look in a gray wool suit. That fitted jacket might slow him down once he gets inside.

7:35am: The girls in front of me are jonesing for the $79.95 red dress, saying it will be the perfect holiday outfit. Don't know what kind of holiday party they'll be attending...

7:40am: The line outside is only 40 people long now.

7:45am: We're inside the mall! Some sneaky line cutters tried to get by a few of us on the way up, but were unsuccessful.

7:55am: Looks like people took the tip about bringing friends. The Starbucks line is growing fast.

7:58am: The sales crew is decked out in the Versace pieces, blasting music and cheering to the line. Looks like I was the only one amused.

8:00am: The H&M team just chanted "5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" and the first group is let in!

8:05am: Everyone is being given a shopping bag. I'm peeping inside the window—people are already checking out.

8:07am: Battle of the babies! A stroller mom is saying she lost her place in line on the way up. The baby count is definitely three, maybe more.

8:10am: This is insanity. The line is moving faster than security.

8:11am: We're in! But it's chaos. No idea where the line ends. Staff has been given bullhorns.

8:12am: Just saw a fight break out between Don Draper and two girls over a pair of shoes.

UPDATE: The liveblog continues here.

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