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Versace for H&M: We're Inside!

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This morning, LA shoppers get their first crack at the Versace for H&M collection. Below, Racked LA shopping correspondent Noah Adler is live at the Beverly Center to bring you the latest.

8:15am: We've made it into the store and it's chaos (see our play-by-play of the wait to enter here). Staff are already restocking and they're coming out with a ton of back stock.

8:17am: Men's section is completely decimated. Boxes and empty racks everywhere.

8:19am: One guy scored three leather jackets (ed note: against the rules!) and is getting hounded by people offering to trade or buy them.

8:20am: Looks like Don Draper won the battle of the shoes after security settled the matter.

8:21am: People are trading pieces and sizes left and right before they check out.

8:23am: Staff are already re-merching the men's section with H&M socks, underwear and scarves. The sales floor is basically a giant fitting room. With a DJ.

8:25am: The women's section is so much more civilized. But the line wrapping around it is a total zoo.

8:30am: The men's floor is a marketplace, with people bartering for the best pieces. Jackets and shoes are in the most demand.

8:35am: A couple guys have grabbed a rack and have loaded it with the stuff they grabbed. They're trading with shoppers—but they only want the leather jackets, the leather pants and the shoes.

8:36am: There's a whole crowd around them. Surprisingly, security isn't concerned as long as there's a clear path.

8:40am: Things seem to be quieting down a little, aside from the ongoing bartering and the women's line.

8:41am: Staffers are still coming out with back stock.

8:42am: I think resellers are grabbing dresses and other items just so they can trade for the leather goods.

8:45am: And I'm out. Good luck to all the shoppers out there!

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