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Dispatch from Glendale: Defeated, Upset at Versace x H&M

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Photo via H&M
Photo via H&M

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As reports continue to filter in from this morning's Versace for H&M launch, we're hearing more and more grumbles about H&M's wristband system. One of the unhappy shoppers: commenter GoldynGun, who hit the Americana at Brand at dawn.

I got there at 6 am with my BF and the line was filled with a lot of women around us actually looking to purchase the men's line. At 8am the line started moving pretty fast [and] by 8:15 we were in. Then when I finally got past the mob squirming to get to the upstairs men's dept it had all evaporated.
I found a shirt under a table [that] was a size too big but since this was Versace for H&M I thought it would run small anyway. While I was searching for any other unclaimed goods a worker announced that everything they had had been on the floor and they weren't doing any restocking. Defeated and upset we decided we would wait by the fitting rooms hoping and praying like others that we could get someone's cast off. My BF got lucky and a girl gave up the shirt he wanted but only after a fitting room staffer told her that if she didn't want it she'd have to take it back to the area where she got it. Then when I was walking by the line for the register on the hunt again someone in line offered a pair of trousers to me. Once again not my size but I took them hoping they would work for my BF. This was our first time at one of these collabs but unless I'm willing to camp out to make sure I can beat all of the eBay whores I'm not sure I'll do it again. Such a disappointing experience. I was upset that the one item I wanted, the studded tank, was so close that I could see everyone holding at least two except for me. Hopefully H&M will respect their male customers after this major f$&k-up.

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300 S Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA