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Get Schooled at the New Make Up For Ever Boutique

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The first step of your education: it's "Make Up For Ever." Four words, which may challenge your normal spelling sensibilities. But should you get confused, those four words are written all over the new Robertson boutique. (There's even a colorful mural inside the shop that prominently illustrates the initials.) The new boutique opens Friday, or today if you are, in fact, reading this on Friday.

Next lesson: even though you've probably seen the products during a visit to Sephora, the line got its start as a professional movie/TV/stage makeup; to this day, that's still a very core part of their business. Which explains why the store carries green and blue body paint, and three different colors of blood.

Now pay attention, this will definitely be on the test: the new Make Up For Ever boutique is as much about education as it is about product. You'll notice right away there are big sections of the store devoted to lessons and learning. There's an actual beauty bar, a place to screen how-to videos, a room where you can record your makeover and have step-by-step photos taken so you'll be just as competent at home, and a special "pros only" lounge where the trade can come and test-drive new products. But relax, if you're not so hot on learning, they'll also make you over, without making you learn a thing, if you don't feel like it.

But if you do feel like learning more about looking insanely beautiful, the boutique is running a special for the opening weekend: Friday through Sunday, drop by get a 30-minute makeup video lesson for $11. And they're raffling off a Make Up For Ever traincase filled with goodies, every day of the weekend.
· Make Up For Ever [Official Site]

Make Up For Ever

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