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Eileen is Packed With Bright Bargains on Basics

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We've got a confession to make: we're not so hot on vintage. And when a new store opens in our East Side lite neighborhood, 95% of the time it's vintage, and that makes us sad. But recently, a new shop with new merchandise opened in a little and nearly-hidden nook of Sunset Blvd. Eileen, named after the proprietor, opened with the goal of providing East Side shoppers with options that didn't make them look like last night's groupies standing outside of the Echoplex. That is to say, Eileen sells everyday clothing, appropriate for a variety of ages and walks of life.

Another thing we're not always excited about: paying $500 for a dress. For that kind of money, you could walk into Eileen's and purchase one of every item. Ok, a mild exaggeration but, for the most part, everything in Eileen's inventory is $49 or less. She stocks plenty of cute essentials, like tees and bandeau tops. You'll also find easy, breezy skirts, rompers and dresses, all priced minimally enough that if you've just got a random shopping itch, you can scratch away with no worries of breaking the bank.

Since she's so new to the space, Eileen is working on bringing in new pieces -- and she only keeps a few pieces of each item, so things turn over pretty quickly, anyway. But she's already in a groove with her parties -- the shop has a lovely little patio where she throws booze and cupcake souirees once a month. Eileen's is open Wednesday through Sunday, from 11am to 6pm. And you have to look around the back -- the store is tucked behind the vintage shop with the Sunset storefront. Happy hunting!
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