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Chemline's Festive Fall Offerings

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While we hate the season's cooling temperatures and longer hours of darkness, a recent party at Chemline reminded us of what we do like about the fall: a chance to don heartier fabric and garments with an emphasis on structure. The boutique rolled out new looks for the season, including one from a brand new line from New York -- now those people know a thing or two about dressing for the weather.

First up was ISM Mode, a line we've seen at the last couple of LAFWs. They've got a retro-mania thing going on, but their fall offerings included a number of more futuristic pieces. On a few of the garments, the shapes are intentionally bulky and boxy -- take, for example, the boucle-like cropped jacket and origami skirt. Between the heavy fabric and the intricate folds, the clothing isn't exactly the most slimming. But sometimes you've got to suck it up, tune into your inner Man Repeller, and proudly go forth.

Next up was Titania Inglis, a New York designer with a sensibility to match. We liked her unconstructed dresses, many of which featured intriguing cutouts or plunging backs, but the standout piece was a funnel-neck jacket that featured a detachable drapy panel in back. Very Rick Owensesque, but the draping and fit gave the jacket a very hyper-feminine sensibility.

The new Lavuk isn't totally seasonally appropriate -- a few of the dresses might be sundresses or they could be evening dresses. They're not in traditional fall colors, but considering it reached 80 degrees yesterday, Easter egg bright colors aren't too much of a stretch for fall in our fair city. A couple of those bright dresses have some very nice hardware details, as well.

And Chemline continues to make some of the most interesting clothes in Los Angeles. Their new items are both ladylike and avant garde. Many of the garments were of raw silk in deep, vibrant jeweltones, creating a luxe vibe. The jackets with the exaggerated shoulders were reminiscent of 80s new wave, but the crisp tailoring helps them steer clear of being costumey.

Since all of these collections are at Chemline, that means they're all eco-friendly (to some degree) and not the least bit wallet-eviscerating. And they all work nicely with the Tiffany Kunz jewelry, also pictures in the photogallery. Almost soup to nuts, so to speak. Can we all band together and convince Chemline proprietor Averi Bell to carry shoes?
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