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Steve Aoki Doesn't Actually Regret Buying Those GG Allin Bobblehead Dolls, and Loves H. Lorenzo

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A Couple Minutes in the Closet With... is a new, semi-regular feature in which we talk to prominent Angelinos about what they're buying, where they're shopping, and their current retail obsessions.

Image from Steve Aoki

You know Steve Aoki. Brother to supermodel Devon, this LA DJ/promoter/raconteur has done as much as anyone to put electro on the map and then cement its current level of world dominance. He's almost as famous for his wacky clothes and his "Asian Jesus" look as he is for the late, great Dim Mak Cinespace parties that helped blow up acts like LA Riots, the Bloody Beetroots, MSTRKRFT, Felix Cartal, and a ton more. We caught up with him to talk a little bit about shopping, retail and clothing.

Do you like to shop?
Of course. I love shopping

Where's your favorite place to buy clothes in LA?
I like H. Lorenzo. It’s a good spot for a lot of the designers I'm into. There are a few big Japanese designers I follow every season – Miharo, Diet Butcher Slim Skins, and Julius. I like Rick Owens a lot, he's got Japanese vibe, but his stuff is so pricey. But I love his jackets.

What other brands do you like?
For street wear clothing, definitely Ksubi: great tees and I love all their jeans. I rock the Supras, I'm sponsored by them, but I'd wear them anyway. Adidas is another favorite shoe company. Oh, and Jeremy Scott. He's like family. He put my sister in one of her first runway shows, so we go back. Plus, he's amazing.

What's the wackiest thing you've ever bought?
Oh man, bizarre?let me think. Nothing insane, but a lot of strange things, I don't even know? I bought these GG Allin bobbleheads, like three or four of them. [Ed.'s note: For those of you unfamiliar with GG Allin, and we hope that's most of you, he was a dirty scumbag punk rock musician active in the 80s who did crazy stuff like attack audience members, play with his own poo onstage, and acts too disturbing to write about in a family publication.] One of them broke – how perfect is it that a GG Allin bobblehead would break? I also bought these 4-foot-tall Daft Punk Bearbricks. They're insane, amazing.

What's your most regretted purchase?
I don’t really buy that many clothes. It’s only recently that I started buying clothes. For a long time, I just wore clothes that people gave me. There's stuff I have a lot of –I have a whole room or shoes, for example?

So how many is a whole room?
200 or 300 pairs. I just got rid of about 200 pairs. It gets to be ridiculous, but I don't regret any of them.

So there's no $3,000 lime green leather jacket or anything like that in your closet?
No way.

What's the last thing you purchased?
Last thing I bought?well, I just spent a load on samples for my new collection. So besides Dim Mak (Aoki's streetwear line), I'm starting D1, a high end men's premium brand. It's denim and knits, really inspired by the Japanese designers I love. I'm doing fittings next month, and it's on schedule to ship out to stores in winter.

Steve Aoki's latest, Earthquakey People, featuring Rivers Cuomo, is out now on Beatport and iTunes.
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