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Celebrity Brand Matchmaking Explained

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Collabs?you gotta love 'em (especially because they seem to be here to stay.) For every collab or celebrity product hookup that kind of makes sense (Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten was great in theory, if not in execution) there are about a zillion that don't. Like Carlos Santana footwear, Salma Hayek's QVC beauty collection?do not even get us started on why so many sweaty athletes get linked up with cologne. The LA Times gives us a fascinating look at the science and wheelin' and dealin' behind lining up the right stars with the right products. There are literally teams of people at companies devoted to such matchmakings, spending their days dreaming of which celebrities to match up with which product or category. Right now, the Kardashians are a slam dunk because of the amount of heat and recognition they generate. But according to Melissa Magsaysay, "Star names catch the attention of consumers, but it's the product that keeps them coming back." [All the Rage]