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Sue Wong Carries the Day at LA Fashion Week

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Elizabeth Daniels, 10/11

Since Skingraft opted out of this edition of LAWF, that left Sue Wong to represent as an established, saleable brand with a real following. And represent she did, at a swanky event last week at Voyeur in West Hollywood. There's nothing tentative about Sue Wong, her fashions, or the events held in their honor -- there were performers, lavish displays of chocolate, dancing girls, and pretty pretty dresses.

Miss Wong's fashions are almost impervious to seasonal shifts or the trend du jour: she makes dresses worn by real celebrities (fans include everyone from Taylor Swift and Anne Hathaway to Arianna Huffington) and women who have the good sense to realize the Herve Leger bandage dress really only looks good on about 1% of the population. While the new collection featured a number of gowns that would work on women of varying ages, there were also dresses that were body conscious without being vulgar. She offers up a hyper-stylized and feminine vision of Old Hollywood that many of the latest batch of LAFW upstarts would do well to study. Something else they could pick up from Sue Wong: if you're going to take up more than 15 minutes of an audience's time, ply them with chocolate.
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