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Getting Dangerously Beautiful at Hairroin

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Have you ever been with someone in a committed relationship -- things are going good, your partner is solid, decent, caring, has never done you wrong, and then along comes a sexy, slightly dangerous-looking stranger, and you think, "Hot damn, I'm going to get myself some strange"?

That pretty much describes our relationship with our hair girl. We've followed her to five different boutiques, trust her implicitly, and always get loads of compliments whenever she touches our hair.

And then along came an opportunity to get colored at Hairroin, by owner Janine Jarman, no less, and we're all, monogamy, shmonogamy.
The decor and overall vibe of the salon is what made us think of straying in the first place: It's gothy, artsy, and both slightly upscale and a little bit sinister. And we have a bevvy of friends and acquaintances who get their hair did at Hairroin -- they're everyone from girly-girls with high maintenance color to indie kids with the perfect eye-grazing bangs. Likewise, we've seen Janine's coloring handiwork run the gamut from sunkissed and natural to nearly-fluorescent pink.

To write a long, flowery description about our session there would be overkill. The salon IS as amazing as it looks from the outside. Janine's a sweetheart. We gave her loose guidance for the color we wanted, and let her do her thing. And two weeks later, the hair color is still pretty true, and our locks feel as silky and healthy as ever. What's not to love?

Hairroin is a full service, soup-to-nuts joint: you can get your makeup done; your hair cut, colored, or updoed; you can even get a gold tooth. Women's haircuts start at $65, and coloring services start at $65. They're moving across the street to Space 15 Twenty in November; keep watching for full details
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Space 15 Twenty

1520 North Cahuenga Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028 Visit Website