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Monika Chiang's Edgy Accessories and Luxe Preppy Clothing

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At first blush, it's really easy to mentally file Monika Chiang as Tory Burch 2.0. There's a lot of overlap: Monika is dating Christopher Burch, who is providing a hefty capital injection into the brand; both Tory and Monika are lifestyle designers with a middle-of-the-road pricepoint; heck, Monika even just opened her first boutique a couple of doors down from the Tory Burch on Roberston Blvd.

Then you look at Monika Chiang's offerings?the edgy accessories, like the 5" heels with the spikes running up the back, the faux alligator purses with heavy gold hardware, the little black ballet flats/drivers with the tiny silver studs on the toe. So NOT Tory Burch, right?

But when you get to the clothing, you see a distinctively preppy touch. She takes classic Americana pieces and tweaks them into a different genre. Take the sand-colored suede trenchcoats; the pinstripe oxford that knots at the waist; the bluejeans that are shredded up the thighs; and most tellingly, the ever-so-slightly distressed, double-faced cashmere sweater with contrasting pads at the elbows.

Ok, so similarities to Tory Burch aside, Monika Chiang merits respect and attention both for the line and the new store that houses it. She had a hand in creating and designing it, and it's a handsome backdrop for the line. It's at 108 S. Robertson Blvd. Click through the gallery to see pieces and prices.
· Monika Chiang [Official Site]

Monika Chiang

108 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048 310-786-8200 Visit Website