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Race for the Cash, Um, We Mean, Cure

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The Susan G Komen Foundation has been in the news a bunch in the new year. First: they're launching what is perhaps the world's second-most superfluous perfume. (The honor of the first goes to Jaguar.) And then today, we learn that they are so serious about their branding, they are going after any and all charitable causes and organizations that try to make use of the word "cure", as in Kites for a Cure and Cupcakes for the Cure. The behemoth philanthropic organization is unleashing the equivalent of an 800-lb. legal gorilla on small, mom-and-pop type charities -- thereby forcing said charities to spend money and energy that could be used for fundraising, on legal fees, instead. Rather than editorializing about it, we'll let you draw your own conclusions. [Racked NY, Racked NTL, Huffington Post]