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The eBay of Charity Auctions

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How much would you pay for some celebrity memorabilia, if you knew the money was all going to charity? is an online auction site that has raised $106 million for charities, schools and other non-profits, areas that are often neglected during a recession when people are worried about paying their own bills. So what were some top items sold on the site in 2010? Taylor Swift's signed Betsey Johnson red carpet shoes: $275; Justin Beiber signed guitar: $800; VIP trip for 4 to Super Bowl XLV in Dallas: $16,185; Spend a day with the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan: $16,500; Dinner with Betty White: $20,000; Watercolor painting by Donald Trump: $25,000; Lunch and a flight on a private jet with Harrison Ford: $55,100. Yes, someone paid over 31 times more for a crappy Trump painting than a signed Beiber guitar. And someone paid more to hang out with Cesar Millan than to go to the Super Bowl with three friends. But hey, it was all for good causes, so who cares, right? [Racked Inbox]