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Horrible Ideas for Fragrance

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Note to self: when contemplating the next career move, put "perfumer" at the top of the list -- judging from the amount of ridiculous fragrance launches, it seems like even in the recession, the perfume industry must be pretty bullet-proof. Proof point #1: Lady Gaga getting her own scent, and she wants it to smell like "blood and semen." Ahh, such a clever marketing ploy, Gaga: being that it's been licensed by Coty, who has a distinctively middle-of-the-road portfolio that includes scents by Adidas, Chloe, Tim McGraw, and some of the fruitier Marc Jacobs scents -- we're guessing that "blood and semen" will translate to "amber, vanilla and sandalwood" or something else consumer-friendly. Proof point #2: equally as crass in a different way, is the news that, yet again, someone is making a scent that smells of money -- a Microsoft VP, who probably has a lot of experience with money. We are CLEARLY not the target market for the product, but the idea REEKS of tech-geek desperation to get the girls. Of course, if you wanted to go for realism, you could splash the two together since, in theory, a large portion of all currency in circulation carries traces of blood and semen.
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