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Strap Yourself In for Marlies Dekkers Lingerie at Jenette Bras

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Though the calendar says it's almost Valentine's day, the vibe at Jenette Bras last Thursday was closer to Halloween, or Mardi Gras. The store presented "Strapping Lasses", an artistic and mildly titillating showcase for Marlies Dekkers lingerie. Sirens of all different shapes and sizes writhed, danced and pranced in little niches, nooks and balconies throughout the store, their moves scored by atmospheric instrumental music that sounded like the 21st century update of the original "Psycho" music. Oh yeah, and there was a gothy guy running around with bright fuchsia hair, latex pants, stilettos and a white lab coat.

The point of the show was to celebrate non-cookie cutter sensuality. And sell a few bras, of course. The bras are a little bit racy, with a "bondage lite" aesthetic, designed to be worn almost as outwear -- not that you're supposed to leave the house going, Wheee! I'm wearing a bra as a top!, but the strappy underthings are meant to be seen. (Or at least hinted at.) Jenette Bras stocks a full array, even in sizes for the modestly bosomed. The bras are definitely statement pieces, and they're priced accordingly. But considering they're accessories on par with jewelry or sunglasses, it's not a bad investment.
Jenette Bras [Official Site]