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Calypso St. Barth X Target Could Be Really Good

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The good folks over at Racked NY just got back from a press preview of the Calypso St. Barth X Target line, and it sounds like they were pleasantly surprised. "We fondled and groped all the pieces (in summer whites, bold pinks and reds, and delicious shades of blue), plus carefully inspected all the intricate beading and sequins, colorful embroidery, grosgrain-piping and crocheted lace. And, folks, it all looked and felt really good. Most of the pieces (like the white harem pants, wrap dresses, peasant tops, and beachy shorts) are made out of soft cotton voile?a few pieces are made of real silk and pure linen." Sounds like Target is more than atoning for the William Rast heinousity. [Racked NY]