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Oversharing Made Easy: Pose for Your Friends

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Ever wondered what some of the earlier internet wunderkinds and now has-beens are up to? We have no idea of what Tom at MySpace is doing (lie: we just heard on NPR they sacked 47% of their workforce), but Shawn Fanning of Napster fame just sank a chunk of money into Pose, a photo sharing and shopping app that launched yesterday. The idea is simple: you're out shopping, you take a snapshot, tag it with the price and your current location, then share it with friends for comment. Ultimately, they want to build a community; the Pose crew has already recruited designers and fashion insiders to create content so new users can still interact, even if they don't know anybody. We've got to wonder, with all the brainpower and money behind the enterprise, can't someone figure out a smarter name than Posers to refer to members? [TechCrunch]