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Jessica Simpson's Favorite Acne Products Now Available To Go at the Glendale Galleria

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Clearly, there's never a good time to have acne or zits. But now you can shop for acne solutions whenev, thanks to the ProActiv vending machine. Yes, really, at the Glendale Galleria. While this concept isn't new, even for ProActiv, it is new at the Galleria. ProActiv is actually one of the more legitimate "as seen on TV" products; the idea of being able to purchase something directly from a vending machine, slicing the waiting time of ordering it from TV and bypassing the embarrassment of purchasing from a real live human being at one of those As Seen On TV stores, is appealing. Still light years behind the Japanese and their machines that dispense ties, batteries, booze, porn or umbrellas.
· Glendale Galleria [Official Site]