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Boardshorts That Aren't A Bore

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No one will argue that swimwear can be high fashion—chic bikinis and one-pieces turn up on runways all the time. Hell, there's even an entire fashion week devoted to bathing suits in Miami. However, you don't see too many people sashaying down Melrose under the delusion that their chic Rosa Cha one-piece is practically a romper and thus suitable to wear by itself. Or that their DvF triangle bikini top is great paired with harem pants while grocery shopping. (Thank goodness.)

But Shortomatic is out to prove that board shorts belong in your everyday wardrobe. Or at least, wearable off the beach. They've partnered up with Wildfox t-shirts and celebrity stylist Madison Guest to create a lookbook that has us convinced that we can pull off houndstooth or tartan board shorts in our daily looks and no one will know our swimwear secret. (Leave it to California to make beachwear part of a daily wardrobe. In September.)

We haven't entirely lost our good sense, though—we may be willing to wear cute board shorts on a shopping trip, but we still hold true to our core mantra here: Leggings are not pants.
Shortomatic [Official Site]