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Mohawk General Store is Ready for Its Closeup

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You ever have one of those moments when you walk into a store, look around, and think, "Oh my God, I've got to leave now or else I'm going to spend all my money trying to buy everything in the store?" That's been our experience, both times we visited Mohawk General Store. Their selection of men's and women's gear reads like a who's who of accessible indie designers: Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Rachel Comey, Comme de Garcons, Clare Vivier, Generic Man -- plus they've got a selection from names worth knowing, like Funktional, Moscot Eyewear, Something Else by Natalie Wood, and Post Overalls.

The furnishing are all museum quality?and at those prices (which are admittedly reasonable for high-quality vintage in Silver Lake), we'll have to settle for visiting them the way we would a painting at LACMA or something. To their enormous credit, most of the furniture is authentic, but they also carry a few replica pieces.

Not everything in the store is $$$; we found quite a few smart buys, like a dramatic black mixed-media dress from Funktional for $110, a wooly sweater with detachable fringe for $149 -- we stopped in the store on a day with triple-digit temperature, which made the thought of purchasing any sweater laughable. But we know we're going to be bummed when November rolls around and that super-stylish sweater is a thing of memory.
· Mohawk General Store [Official Site]

Mohawk General Store

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