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Le Gleek, C'est Chic: Glee Popup at the Galleria

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Back when we were kids, they didn't have good movie/TV tie-in merchandise. Basically, you got a crappy collector's cup from Burger King, or you waited around for a crappy plastic Halloween costume. Now, a hit movie or TV show comes out, and the sky's the limit. To wit: there's a whole store devoted to Glee promo material. The Glendale Galleria Claire's is hosting the Glee fest -- just one of three popups in the country. The photo murals of William McKinley High School are frighteningly realistic. There are a dozen stations filled with Glee merchandise -- cheap trinkety things, like jewelry, keychains, posters, fake reading glasses, stickers, mousepads, even a few bags and makeup. At $2 - $25, it's all fairly disposable. But it's a perfectly poppy and appropriate promotion for the hit show. The popup and an accompanying kiosk in the JC Penney court goes from today through September 23.
· Claire's [Official Site]
· Glee [Official Site]

Glendale Galleria

Central and Colorado, Glendale, CA