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Guy and Eva: Your Own Home Shopping Network

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First there was Tupperware, then makeup, now home jewelry parties are becoming the new 'to-do' for someone looking to make a little extra cash on the side (and profit off their friends). Local jewelry company Guy and Eva recently made the switch from selling their affordable wares in retail stores to selling exclusively through this format, using their own "Advisors."
Normally we'd be wary of the whole timeshare bait-and-switch setup, mostly because we've seen a fair share of "sell from home" product lines that are simply too fugly to be picked up by retail stores. But Guy and Eva is some on-trend stuff with under-$100 pricing, and we're all about Cartier looks on a Wal-mart budget. Plus, you'll look much cuter hawking sparkly things around the office than those parents who push Girl Scout cookies.
· Guy and Eva [Official Site]