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Find Some New Fall Favorites with Popomomo

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Local label Popomomo just unveiled their Fall/Winter collection, and they also launched e-commerce on their site. Perfect timing.

Since Popomomo is a quintessentially Southern California creation, you won't find any full-length, shearling-lined wool trenchcoats or alpaca sweaters here. But there are plenty of good layering pieces, snuggly knits, and rich, overdyed hues. What really appeals to us about the line is the sense of balance and proportion: it's girly without being too twee; body-con without being vulgar; exaggerated without being shapeless; and easy without being sloppy. The line was inspired Mike Davis' literary homage to LA, City of Quartz: both the actual content regarding Los Angeles, and the idea of a cold, beautiful crystal city. Popomomo's fall looks would do well in either environment.
· popomomo [Official Site]