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G-I-V, E-N-C, H-Y-Whatthef*ck

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In a move that has us scratching our heads and screaming "WTF" at our computer screens, Parfums Givenchy is opening its only U.S. boutique in....wait for it...Disney World. Specifically, the France Pavillion at Epcot. According to the general manager of Parfums Givenchy, "This is the only place in the United States where the entire range of Givenchy Fragrances, Skincare and Make-up will be available under one roof. We think that Epcot and Givenchy both share the same mission to celebrate innovation and provide an outstanding experience to the consumer. " We're seriously not sure what the hell Givenchy is smoking at this point, but if this is what we get in return for Euro Disney, America definitely drew the longer straw in this deal. [StyleList]