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Lots of Vintage to Love at A Current Affair

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We wish we could go back in time to Friday and tell you much treasure we unearthed at A Current Affair, a two-day vintage that graced the penthouse of the Cooper Building over the weekend. The good news is, the organizers will definitely have the event again.

It wasn't huge; maybe 20 vendors in attendance. But the range of merchandise was exceptional. Everything from exquisite accessories and sunglasses and hats to Oscar-worthy beaded gowns by Bob Mackie. Many of the booths were stocked with one-of-a-kind statements pieces (our favorite being a furry collar with an elegant black ribbon tie), but local favorites like LA Vintage Exchange and Found By offered everyday wardrobe staples.

Looking to the future, we can say this show will be put on again. And in the much-nearer future: we stumbled upon a couple of booths-worth of finery from Laura Kranitz, with help from Kime Buzzelli— and Laura told us that she' setting up shop in Sunset Junction very, very soon. The stuff was great enough to put us into stalker mode: you'll definitely hear about it as soon as they open.
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