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Tucker for Target's Wearable, Real-Life Charm

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Lo and behold, Tucker for Target showed up in stores, right when it was supposed to. Sunday morning, we heard that it was already on the floor in Glendale, so we drove by WeHo to see if they'd put theirs out yet.

Maybe it's because the name doesn't pack the cache of a Zac Posen or a Jean Paul Gaultier, and maybe it's because Target actually had sufficient stock, but the rows and rows of brightly colored frocks and tops seemed overstuffed, as if no one had been buying. Which is a shame, since it's one of the nicer collabs. It's all cute, and the fabric seems decent. As far as we can tell, the main difference between this line and some of the others (which we weren't so fond of), is that the Tucker collection focuses on wearable, everyday items. Blouses, shifts, a couple of vests, and jackets that look like they'll be handsome supplement pieces -- as opposed to wacky, cheapish "statement" pieces that usually account for a large percentage of the other collabs.
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