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Fred Segal's Seismic FNO Party

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Elizabeth Daniels, 9/10

The party at Fred Segal brought the great unwashed fashion masses out in full force. The store offered free booze, valet parking, several forms of entertainment, and even the mayor graced the place with a visit. While it may have started out sleepy (we got early evening texts from a few people, saying Dead, ZZZ), it built to riotous status. About 8:30, an unregulated flood of revelers started pouring into the store, and by the time we left at 9:45, the crowd wasn't letting up.

Fred Segal was one of the few places where people seemed to be opening their wallets -- unfortunately, most of those plunking down cash were buying Spirithoods, the ridiculous furry animal head hat/scarf combo. If ever there was an accessory that says, "I'm a total dweeb and I need attention," it's that one. (We're the sworn enemy of the entire concept after getting stuck behind a couple of Burning Man-types wearing the animal headdress things at a concert last year.) But anyway, a bunch of these $144 annoyances boosted Fred Segal's bottom line for the night.

Speaking of getting stuck behind something bushy and hard to see around, that described both of our Fred Segal celebrity sightings: while waiting for the Dandy Warhols to start, we were situated behind the epically lacquered hair tower of Gogol Bordello frontman Eugene Hutz. And we saw the LMFAO dudes down in the parking lot.

The turnout was surely in the thousands; we hope the crew that came in the next day to get the store in ship-shape order were given nice bonuses or something.
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Fred Segal

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