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Band of Outsiders: New Treats at Opening Ceremony Outpost

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Band of Outsiders, the company known for their slim, form-fitting men's clothing, unveiled a handful of rare treats at the Opening Ceremony store on La Cienega.

Nestled on the second floor, in a room that is floor-to-ceiling decorated in legos (arranged specifically for the brand), the fall shipment is chock-full of clean lines, chic suits, warm coats, and for the first time in Band of Outsiders impeccable history of hand-tailored suiting: shoes. Inspired by the 70s, with a nod to Starsky and Hutch, there are Oxfords, Sperry-Topsider team-up boat shoes, and more to dip your feet into. The shoes are a hit, but the polo shirts are running out the door just as fast.

What we really fell for were the Opening Ceremony exclusive pajamas. Who would have guessed that a company known for preppy tailor-made clothes could put out such fun, luxurious sleepwear? Sure, they may be $300 a pop, if you're at home, escaping the pressure and demands from all the insiders you deal with day-to-day, there are worse things than being dressed in a Band of Outsiders. (Text by Sina Grace)
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