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New Bloomingdale's is Like Disneyland For Adults

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Elizabeth Daniels, 8/10

Thursday was the special preview day for Bloomie's at Santa Monica Place and by noon, it was completely aswarm with people. It's pretty massive: better than 80,000 square feet and it was lovingly concocted with Southern Californian sensibilities in mind. There's a lot to see, and a lot to shop.

The mix of brands was selected especially for this market: there's a lot of Vince (with an incredibly handsome wooden display), Theory, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and a large assortment of good denim. We didn't see anything super high-end in shoes, but it was a nice mix of funky and mid-range designers, ranging from Dolce Vita, Ash and Guess to Tory Burch and Loeffler Randall. And gents, don't worry, we'll have a full recap of the menswear scene, coming this Monday.

The real show-stopper was the Style Bar area, with the floating dressing room pods. No, you don't get naked then get suspended in the air; rather, the pods, which look like Japanese lanterns lights, get sucked into the ceiling to clear the floor of the Style Bar section.

Answering at least one Racked staffer's prayers was the frozen yogurt bar, which wasn't ready for prime time when we arrived. A little in-store noshing will come in handy, since—like Disneyland—to really get the full experience, you're going to need to spend the better part of a day exploring the SaMoPlace Bloomie's. And if you're going this weekend, when it's like to be wall-to-wall teaming with humanity, you'll probably need both days to take it all in.
· Bloomingdale's [Official Site]

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