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WeHo Target: No Dolce Vitas But Lots of Booze

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Over the weekend, we dropped by the Target on Santa Monica and La Brea to investigate a tip that there was a dwindling pile of Dolce Vita X Target shoes to be had. Not a pair in sight, but if we were the drinking type, we could have walked over to the beer aisle, gotten all liquored up to drown our sorrows, then shopped for groceries. The WeHo Target is now officially one of those super Targets that sells groceries—fresh meat and produce, in particular. There's just something slightly unseemly, that is to say, NASTY, about the thought of buying peaches, salad, and perishable meat at Target—it strikes us as being quite like going to the nail salon and having the pedicure girl offer to do Botox or something. But in the name of research, we bought some fruit and it was actually in pretty good shape: tasty, ripe, and not bruised beyond recognition. But we did make our purchase at 10 in the morning; what it's like at 10pm might be another story altogether. Don't go looking for Asian pears, kumquats, grass-fed beef or anything terribly exotic; it's not like Bristol Farms or anything.

They've also beefed up the alcoholic beverages section substantially. It is now basically like a fully-functioning real supermarket; wonder how that's going to affect parking. The Target at the Glendale Gallery is also getting a grocery makeover that should be open for business by the middle of September.
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La Brea and Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA