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Material Girl Collection Debuts at Macy's

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The much-too-ballyhooed Madonna and child Material Girl line dropped Tuesday in select Macy's around the country, including the one at the Glendale Galleria. We understand the launch featured festivities, including a bunch of Madonna-wannabes to kick it off (apparently, a similar shindig was mayhem in New York), but waited until after the potential crazy masses were long gone before we ventured to check it out.

We're not the right demographic to appreciate it, but it's thoroughly cheesy. Lots of clingy dresses, bike shorts, novelty shirts (tees and western styles with lace inlets), flats; extraneous ruffles and studs everywhere. Of course Madonna's influence is massive, and retro 80s and 90s looks seem to be sticking around longer than a nasty coldsore, but this stuff doesn't look much different from what you could purchase at a any Forever 21, any day of the year.

The one thing we can say: it's priced right, starting at $5, with many dresses under $30. It's definitely marketed to, and priced for, the tween/teen set. If you're over the age of 20, don't even think you can pull an entire outfit off. There's supposed to be a more adult component to the collection, but we didn't see any of these pieces at the Glendale Macy's. In terms of inventory, it looked like there was plenty of everything (which is to say?errr, not a lot of it was selling), so take your time in getting over there.
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Central and Colorado, Glendale, CA