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Creative Recreation, Barracuda Hair, Dim Mak Do It for the Children

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A wise man once said, "If you've got a good haircut, and it gives you confidence?you believe in yourself, and you can do anything." That wise man was LA hair god Jerry Park, and he was talking about the idea behind the first annual Kool Kids Back to School Fair. Park, in conjunction with After School All Stars, conceived of the fair as a way to give back to the community. Having had a less-than-perfect childhood himself, Park knows firsthand how important those little touches -- like good hair or a cool pair of shoes -- can be to a kid's self esteem, and he orchestrated an impressive roster of benefactors to kick down the goods.

About 200 kids from Bell Gardens were treated to haircuts from Barracuda stylists, manicures and product from OPI, shoes from Creative Recreation, airbrushing demonstrations and DJ lessons from the Dim Mak crew. The fair also had school supplies and nutrition booths, but come on?if you're a kid and you see a booth piled high with vegetables and you see another booth where they're giving away sneakers, which booth are you going to go to? (But the grilled vegetables smelled delicious). The kids were excited, but exceptionally well behaved (much more polite than about 90% of the people we run into at sample sales), and every one of them went home with a new pair of Creative Recreation sneakers?not to mention oodles of confidence that will carry them well through the school year.
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