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New Santa Monica Nordstrom Blends In Nicely

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The new Nordstrom at Santa Monica Place opened with less hoopla than the rest of the mall, but that doesn't make it any less special. Like the rest of the...uh, Place...the store is beautifully designed and shiny as a newly minted penny, but doesn't really offer anything you can't find elsewhere in Los Angeles. However, it still makes for a great shopping experience. The first floor is almost entirely accessories and cosmetics, with a small corner devoted to juniors. The shoe department is expectedly large and diverse, the cosmetics department is overwhelmingly white and shiny, and the handbag department is chock-full of great finds from Valentino to Halston to Coach.

The second floor is full of womenswear, lingerie and dresses, from high-end to affordable house collections. The third floor is mostly men's and a little children's corner. We were actually impressed by the size and diversity of clothes and accessories for men, from sunglasses to bags to scarves to hats. It's rare to find such a well-stocked men's department, and we applaud Nordstrom for not forgetting about our better halves.
· Nordstrom [Official Site]

314 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, CA