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A Few Precious Finds at the Catherine Malandrino 75% Off Sale

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We thought it would be a good idea to see what kind of deals could be scored at the Catherine Malandrino 75% off sale, so we dropped by the Maison location on Saturday. And left a few hundred bucks poorer, but so much prettier! The sale merchandise is tucked away in a little loft area upstairs: at first glance, it seems a bit on the smallish side, but each rack is brimming with so much treasure. Lots of gauzy sundresses, but there's also a selection of knits and shoes that will transition well into fall. And leather shorts, which should be a big piece for fall (so people keep telling us). The sale just started on Friday (at both locations), so it's well stocked, but with screaming deals on the pretty, pretty, pretty duds, you should probably go sooner rather than later.
· Catherine Malandrino [Official Site]

Catherine Malandrino

651-653 N La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles