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Poketo X Target: One of Summer's Nicest Surprises

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In a summer full of big, blockbuster Target collabs, the Poketo collection could be the indie sleeper hit. Despite the fact the public release date isn't until August 10, it's popping up all over town. We found it over the weekend at the Target at La Brea and Santa Monica, and we've also heard it's available in Culver City and Glendale.

The Poketo gear is just about the most-well made merchandise we've seen in one of the Target collections. Poketo's Angie Myung told us in an email exchange, "We had full control of the whole thing from the overall look and feel of the line down to the wonderful details like the hangtag, zippers, pockets, and embroidery." It shows, too. The merchandise looks good, at first glance, and it's like a gift that keeps unwrapping: interesting folds, clever placement of zippers and buttons, just-right pockets?and of course, the price is nice, too. That one bird bag? $29.99.

Poketo doesn't (yet) elicit the same brand-name recognition as Zac Posen, Cynthia Vincent, or any of the other mega-collabs that have turned shoppers into designer-grubbing hoarders; you may actually stand a chance at getting a couple of pieces. But don't wait too long: this stuff is nice enough to lure shoppers who don't know the name but are looking for cute back-to-school items.
· Poketo [Official Site]
· Target [Official Site]


Santa Monica and La Brea, Los Angeles, CA