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Erin Fetherston's Feather-light Juicy Looks

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The holidays came early last night at Bloomingdale's, where Erin Fetherston unveiled a few looks from her upcoming Holiday 2010 collection for Juicy Couture. The pieces featured plunging, rhinestone-studded necklines and feminine draping, making them perfect for parties.

Clad in a purple velvet halter dress, the designer held court amid excited fans and curious shoppers, signing limited-edition prints of a sketch from her collection. A camera crew was glued to her side as long as we were there, filming everything from the movements of the pen to customers snacking on pink macaroons and punch in extreme close-up mode. Naturally, the sweets were served up by hunky Juicy Boys (or perhaps just juicy boys?). Either way, here's what's important: You'll be able to get your hands on Erin Fetherston's Juicy looks in November.
· Juicy Couture [Official Site]