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Sleek, Spaceshippy Y-3 Lands on Melrose

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Any place that sells $450 silver sneakers has GOT to be futuristic looking, right? The new Y-3 on Melrose does not disappoint. The permanent home for the Yohji Yamamoto-Adidas collection boasts decor that ranges from modern to slightly space-age: there are actually modular little room-pods off to the side, like anti-gravity chambers or something. The store offers a vaguely androgynous shopping experience: Most of the shoes come in both men's and women's sizes?except for the baby shoes, and the wedge heels. There's also some very sporty sportswear and a few bags. All on the pricey side -- puffy vest for just south of $400, anyone? But if you want to look like you're getting to run an intergalactic marathon, it's the only game in town.
· Y-3 by Adidas [Official Site]


Melrose and Croft, Los Angeles, CA