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Shipley & Halmos Are Writing a Book About You

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Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos have been moonlighting (but we're totally sure the Shipley & Halmos Spring/Summer 2011 collection will be ready to roll). They've been truckin' around the country, stopping at Barneys Co-op locations, taking pictures of anyone willing to have a picture taken -- and making those people answer odd questions, like "What's underneath your sink?" or "Name something a hippie does."

It's not as random as it sounds (or maybe it is, but it's just a really fun idea). They're putting together a coffee table book with their roadtrip pictures, and using the answers to create a MadLibs-esque travel diary. We caught up with the boys on the next-to-the-last-next-to-the-last stop on the Fill in the ______ Tour, in Costa Mesa. Jeff did most of the talking, since Sam was busy behind the camera, shooting the nonstop stream of folks who came out for the event. We wanted to hear crazy stalker groupie stories, but Jeff assured us that the journey had been nothing but fun. "Well, there was this one woman in Austin?" he explained, shuddering a bit. "We've seen every kind of person you can imagine. All shapes and sizes, men and women, every kind of style?what's been fun is seeing people you think would be really shy just blossom and turn it on in front of the camera. And then, the people who are really gregarious and bold step in front of the camera and become very reserved?" Almost as if right on cue, a quiet, studious looking dude with glasses started breakdancing! We asked if THAT had ever happened before, and Jeff said it was a first.

By the time the tour is done, they will have photographed more than 1,000 people. Some will make it into a book that's to be published sometime in November (and sold at Barneys, naturally); the rest will be immortalized on a website. Even that crazy lady in Austin. If you really want to get in on it, you've got two more chances: they hit San Diego today, and they're in Seattle on Thursday.
· Shipley & Halmos [Official Site]

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