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Is This the Bottom Half of a Double-Decker Banana Republic?

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Way back in June, signs started popping up all over South Coast Plaza, ballyhooing the imminent arrival of the world's best Banana Republic. We'd bet that every in-the-works BR probably gets the same signage, but this one finally opened -- and it is, indeed, pretty epic.

What was funny, and totally apropos, was that as we were walking in, a young couple was walking out. He turned to her and said, "It's not fair, why does your store get to be three times bigger than my store?" It's behemoth, and the concept is that it's a series of little rooms on either side of a long corridor, and each room is its own little shop -- e.g., denim, petites, office wear, petites, and so on. It would have been great if accessories and shoes had been corralled into their own little areas, but they're strewn throughout the store. (There is a large area near the cashwrap that showcases bags, shoes and jewelry, but it's still not quite the same.)

If you're a Banana Republic fan, you'll love it. And what you'll love even more is that?well, we're not quite sure of what's going on, but the currently empty space right above this store is also going to be a Banana Republic. Theoretically, it could be made into one mega-Republic; two whole floors of highish-end, neo-preppy goodness. We were actually just reading about how Bill Murray had the Ghostbusters fireman's pole installed in one of his houses, which would be such an awesome way to link two floors, but we imagine they'll go for something a little more pedestrian, like an escalator or stairs.
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