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Gap FEEDs American Children

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Gap is no stranger to charity collections—its Product Red brand has made significant contributions to The Global Fund to help people affected by AIDS in Africa. Now, the brand has partnered with Feed—who has made significant inroads in feeding the people of Africa—and turned its attention to the children of America and the atrocities of school lunches. Okay, so it's not like project is designed to save youngsters everywhere from rectangle pizza and mystery meat—it's to provide them with healthier choices and education on proper nutrition.

Feed founders Lauren Bush and Ellen Gustafson created three bags for the Gap featuring their company logo—one canvas one retailing for $29.50 and two denim ones retailing for $39.50. For each bag sold, $5 gets donated towards the cause. But here's the best part: Even though you're shopping at a huge national chain store, the project also includes a partnership with Donors Choose, which means that each bag comes with a six-digit code that allows the buyer to go online and choose the specific school that they want their $5 to go to. So for Christmas, you can buy everyone in the family a tote bag, and put Junior's school one step closer to a really awesome salad bar.

Though the bags were unveiled last night at a shindig at the Gap's 1969 store on Robertson, don't expect to find them in stores until September. Also, keep an eye out for the (incredibly appropriate) Feed lunchbox to pop up in Gap Kids stores later in September.
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