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When Fashion Designers Do Wallpaper; Blogger is Big on Style and Substance; Rachel Zoe, Fashion Icon (AGAIN)

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We scan the inbox so you don't have to. Today, three items of note:

Best Bets Daily: Product gives perky ponytails
Charles & Marie: Handy, compact rack is the perfect reason to drink more wine
DailyCandy: Chic wallpaper makes any room artsy, effortlessly
Delight Daily: Save your silver in these fun tin banks
I Heart Daily: The new styleblogger in town -- & she's actually pretty good (pictured)
Juli B: Not updated
Refinery29: 100 pages of editorial, 5 billion pages of ads: September issues
The Rundown: It's man versus gravity in this kooky contest
Thrillist: Your Sunset Junction playlist
WWWD: A few of Rachel Zoe's more spectacular fashions
The Zoe Report: Who needs 20/20 vision with these super sexy Tom Ford glasses?