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Ruthie Davis Debuts Heels of Steel at Kitson

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Although studs are almost officially going out of fashion for fall, that doesn't mean you'll never have an occasion to wear a pair of "I-can-kill-you-with-these-15-pounds-of-hardware-and-stiletto" heels. Thus, celebrities seem to love the work of designer Ruthie Davis, who unveiled her fall 2010 collection at Kitson boutique on Tuesday night. The shoes are a lot of bright colors, black, metallics and embellishments with shockingly high stilettos. However, the designer has several years of experience working at Reebok and Ugg, and insists that her shoes are comfortable.

"I'm from New York City, so you've gotta be able to walk," she explains. "You gotta be able to dance!" After which she demonstrated her ability to dance in her teeteringly tall black booties, although we could practically see the disclaimer flashing at across the bottom of our vision: "Kids, don't try this at home!"

Overall, Davis' shoes are fun statement pieces with big attitude and price tags ($800 to $1200). You can seek them out at Kitson. And for those dying for more accessories to match her killer heels, rest easy--Davis has plans to add handbags in 2011.
· Ruthie Davis [Official Site]


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