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The Revolution Will Be Greatly Exaggerated

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Saturday morning, we happened to actually need to make a real return to Target in WeHo, so we moseyed by early. Even at 9:30, there were people from media outlets like KNX Newsradio hanging around, waiting for the bloody anarchy to start. We figured if the real news was coming down to cover it, it would be big. So we made a point to come back.


At 12:30 -- halfway into the protest -- there was a handful of people milling around on the Target border on the corner of La Brea and Santa Monica. No National Guard, no LAPD, just a few bored-looking mall cops were on hand to make sure the demonstrators didn't come too far onto the property. We didn't see a tidal wave of returns, either. Just a few customers returning vacuum cleaners, a build-it-yourself storage kit, and a bicycle. We're told that more demonstrations are being planned to take place at that Target. If the organizers REALLY wanted to make a statement, they'd pick a much more pedestrian location, since the WeHo Target is home to so many elements that compete for the average person's attention, anyway.
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