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Unlikely Partnerships: CB2 & The Selby

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Karl Lagerfeld. Philippe Starck. Anyone who thinks they've got style, and also 3,000 Facebook friends. These are the people The Selby shoots, apparently. Re. the last item: Today was the kickoff of a huge promotion between prefab low-end modern furniture store CB2 and Todd Selby. There's a contest, where people who think they're Selby-worthy upload photos of their spaces, then try to get as many votes as they can. Which does not mean the same things as having a really creative house, now, does it? Ultimately, the three top vote getters will be judged by a panel that DOES include Selby, and the winner gets a $10,000 CB2 giftcard and a photosession. [PRNewswire, Racked Mailbox]