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Will LA Shoppers Wolf Down all the L.A.M.B. Deals?

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We kinda think the first LA-area L.A.M.B./Harajuku Lovers sample sale will be a madhouse. Nothing above $125, or so we're told. Sounds good, right? But what's inside? Stay tuned as we find out?

7:45. Holy moly! Just rolling up to find big ass line.

7:50 First people got here at 8:00 LAST NIGHT. Good God!

7:52 Average age of the shoppers in line is maybe 9. Haha KIDDING. But it is kind of young and rockabilly. Doors open now!

7:58 Think they just let 150 people in

8:06 Still waiting to get in. Oh line moving.

8:18 Still waiting.

8:45 First people emerging! I just heard that its 6 items per person.

8:55 Still waiting! I can see bright ass pink handbags that no one seems to want though.

9:04 Have not moved in about 15 minutes. Aaaaaaaaarrrghhh

9:10 almost

9:14 JUST IN. Oh crap nothing but purses.

9:15 Nothing but janky purses, no shoes or clothing.

So there you have it. Very teenboppery. As one of our commentors said, it's a few bags that most of y'all have probably seen at Nordstrom Rack?last year. Go only if you're a diehard, and you're prepared to wait a long time with lots of people. But YES! Free coffee.

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