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Store at Santa Monica Place We are Most Ambivalent About

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In addition to all of the purveyors of luxury delicacies, a Skechers Shape-ups store just opened at Santa Monica Place, offering 120 different women’s styles of Shape-ups & Tone-ups and 68 men’s styles. On the one hand, it's SHOES, and good public citizens, we commend any company that can get people inspired about getting off their duffs. But on the other hand, we just can't make ourselves believe the toning claims. And for good reason: independent research says the claims are untrue, but Skechers' research naturally supports claims that the shoes can help you build a better body. Like 'em or lump 'em, you can get them at Santa Monica Place. We just don't recommend you wear them for a long walk on the beach of anything. [Racked Inbox, Racked NY]