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K-Town's The Situ-Asian Has Abs, Opinions, Lots of Shots

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Take a minute to get to know America's latest cultural ambassador, Peter Le--a.k.a. the Situ-Asian, a.k.a. that guy on the Jersey Shore-inspired K-Town. One of the stars of the LA-based reality show seems determined to singlehandedly bust the terrible stereotype that all Asian Americans are studious, nerdy, shy and hardworking; instead, replacing it with the notions that they get the night started with 12 shots! They have abs! They're personal trainers who do maybe-gay softcore porn! We wonder how long it will take until he develops a clothing line that's just as classy as the one the Situation is launching, Does it Look Like I Give a Fuck. [Jezebel, Racked NTL]